Self – Contained 6:1:1 Special Education Class

    STARS Program Middle/High School Alternate Assessment

    Room# 212



    Teacher: Mrs. Sarah deGrandpre 

    Phone: 816-4230 (7:55-2:35)            E-mail:


    Students in the STARS program (STudents with Autism Rising to Success) are in a self-contained 8:1:1 classroom at City Honors School. The school day begins at 8:19, and ends at 2:19. Attempts to include students in the regular education setting will be made as appropriate to each student. Related services provided according to student needs.


    Overview of Curriculum for Self-Contained Students

    The program includes self-contained instruction. Through diversified instruction and multiple educational settings, the students will gain a better understanding of the world around them and begin to realize their place within society.



    • Teach social skills as needed for success in the City Honors community
    • Provide individualized and group functional skills
    • Promote self-confidence in students and provide them with the life skills necessary to be successful beyond the school environment
    • Heighten the awareness of the City Honors community to the nature of disabilities in general


    Texts and Materials Used

    Special Education has always utilized a variety of materials to best instruct our students across the curriculum.



    Units Taught


    We will be working towards achievement of students goals on their IEP(Individualized Education Program) and working towards completing students Datafolios.


     Social Skills

    Social skills instruction provides students with opportunities to learn and practice a variety of appropriate responses to various situations. Group work and interaction are explored through game playing by taking turns, winning and losing, etc. Students may role-play appropriate behaviors for upcoming events, and for such situations as how one behaves in the cafeteria. Regular education students of different ages volunteer during this time to increase natural opportunities for social interactions with STARS program students. Students are also encouraged to partake in extracurricular activities such as, clubs, sports teams, band, orchestra, and choir.


    Life Skills

    Life Skills are provided for students needing instruction in money handling, menu reading, shopping for food, filling out forms, cooking, etc. Whenever possible, activities mirror those found in real life.


    Written Component

    Students will be encouraged to improve their writing skills throughout the year. Writing will be incorporated into all areas of study.


    Homework Policy

    Homework will be assigned when needed, it is checked for completion on the date it is due.


    Homework assigned in mainstream classes such as Art/Music will be modified according to students’ IEPs.



    Communication With Parents

    A communication notebook between parent and teacher will be utilized for each student. Parents are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at 816-4230 or e-mailed


    As per federal mandate, an Annual Review meeting will be scheduled between parents and teacher once a year in order to update the student’s IEP.