IB Art (Seniors)

  • IB Visual Arts – Seniors (2022)                 Summer 2021


    Due September (the second day of school): you should have the following completed and ready to share with the class:


    Four to six (4-6) resolved pieces  (3 previous, the one you are completing, AND one over the summer) minimum, additional 10 pages for new work and four additional pages for end of the year piece in Visual Art Journal. 


    “Rough draft of the rough draft”/detailed outline of Comparative Study (HL only: Make sure you use artists/artworks that you will be using or have used to influence your work.) If you change your mind on an artwork or theme, just email me so we can discuss.


     Due: Monday of the second week of school.


    All of you should start photographing and thinking about (if not starting to organize) how you are going to put your Process Portfolio together.  Create a planning page for this.  Take inventory of what additional pieces you may need to create. (Unless IB changes it again, you will need for HL – experimentation in at least three different medium categories of two different columns, and for SL, two different mediums, each off a different column.  For example, experimentation shown in drawing, painting, and sculpture.  Email me if this doesn’t make sense. You will need to begin creating the Process Portfolio using your pages after Winter/Christmas Break – before the end of the second marking period.  Make sure you review how you will be assessed, along with the examples on my teacher page.