Supplies needed:

  • These are supplies you will absolutely need for this course.  I would suggest getting them over the summer, if possible. 

    -Get a sketchbook! I strongly recommend getting a “mixed-media” sketchbook. I like the 9”x12” Canson. The pages can handle different materials and the spiral-bound usually do not fall apart as easily.  While size and paper are mandated, I will NOT accept any sketchbook smaller than 8 ½”x11” – the size in the bookstore – or larger than 9”x12” (will not fit on the scanner).  This size makes it easier to scan later on. You may not use any sketchbook from prior years.

    -You will also need (REQUIRED): a set of drawing pencils (make sure it includes H and B pencils), a white eraser (or two), Copic or black Sharpie fine tip pens (OR ultra-fine tip permanent markers), glue sticks, colored pencils (prang or prismacolors  are best – NO erasable colored pencils), permanent markers (sharpies, prismacolors, copic), a set of acrylic brushes (minimum five brushes of different sizes), rubber cement or paper paste (such as Yes! paste)

    -You may also wish to purchase other materials for use in your sketchbook.  You will be experimenting with different media and materials, and then documenting it. Some materials that you MAY (not required) wish to purchase are: watercolor pencils, watercolor markers, watercolors in the tube, a variety of mediums (clear or white gesso, gel medium), acrylic paints, foam brushes, canvases, an art bag or tackle box to hold supplies in, a variety of collage papers, material, and fabric, as well as any other medium that catches your eye. 


    If you are purchasing items from Michaels or Joann’s, make sure to use a coupon, as they have weekly coupons and deals that will drastically reduce the price.


    Also, keep in mind that although I have many supplies and materials, you will be investigating a variety of artists and techniques, and eventually going in your own direction.  Due to the nature of the course, you will have to buy some of your own supplies throughout the year.


    You will be expected to have ALL exhibition pieces matted and framed.  I can show you how to mat and frame but I will not do this for you!