IB (Juniors)

  •  I am very excited to see you next school year in IB Visual Arts. I am asking that everyone does a little bit of work over the summer, so that you come into the class prepared for what we will be doing.
    The following is what I usually send out to students for summer work:

    Things to do over the summer:

    First, send me your preferred email address. This is how I will contact you. Please do this ASAP (like when you get this message!)

    Get supplies! The list of supplies will be updated by 7/1 on my teacher page, under IB Juniors. Begin to get those materials. Please pay attention to what you need now and what you can wait to get later!

    Get a new sketchbook. I strongly recommend getting a “mixed-media” sketchbook. I like the 9”x12” Canson. The pages can handle different materials and the spiral-bound usually do not fall apart as easily.
    While size and paper are not mandated, I will NOT accept any sketchbook smaller than 8 ½”x11” – the size in the bookstore – or larger than 9”x12” (will not fit on the scanner). You may NOT use any of the work you have done during sophomore year (or prior) but you may use what you begin over the summer.
    Make sure you number all pages, and as you work, make sure you DATE and CITE (when applicable) every time you make an entry. CITE EVERYTIME YOU USE A THOUGHT or IMAGE THAT IS NOT ENTIRELY YOUR OWN!

    I have copied pages of the workbook we will be using next year. It is available on my teacher page. You should read through the Introduction and both chapters.

    In your sketchbook (which we will refer to as the Visual Art Journal):
    -For Chapter One, do ALL activities EXCEPT for 1.3 and 1.8. For 1.5, either draw it or create it, then photograph it. For 1.10, use a former artwork. You will share activity 1.10 with the class during the first week of school.

    -Create a Mind-Map for a future project with the theme “Change”. If you do not know what one is, look it up. There are also links on my teacher page. The Mind-Map should look aesthetically pleasing – like an artist created it.


    Use the mind-map to create a piece of art that you will also share with the class the first week of school. The medium and then is up to you but please base it on the mind-map. Use Chapter Two to help guide you in documenting your process. Keep in mind the pages should be visually appropriate. You should be documenting your thinking and planning stages, experimentation with media, research of media, artists, and cultural influences, creating of the piece (documentation with photos and text), and reflections throughout the process. You should have about ten pages documenting the project.

    Be prepared to share your Visual Art Journal and your artwork.

    You may contact me at sroot@buffaloschools.org

    Have a great summer and can’t wait to see you in September!

    ***Any student who does not do the summer work will have a final project and final work the last marking period of their senior year.

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