BPSDIAL Quick Start Video Tutorial

BPSDial Quick Start
  Video Tutorials 
There are six BPSDial Quick Start video tutorials that show you how to administer the changes for the phone system. Click on a Session tab and follow the tutorial outline.

Video Viewing Tips:
  • Click the Tutorial link to view and hide videos.
  • Each video can be watched in full screen. Look for the Enter Full Screen icon in the lower right hand corner of the video player.
  • Use the slider to pause and rewind the clip.

Session 1

Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

Session 1

  • Watch BPSDial Quick Start Tutorial 1 Introduction (1 minute 52 seconds)

  • Watch BPSDial Quick Start Tutorial 2 Program Roster (2 minutes 1 second)

  • Login into BPSDial and edit the school’s Program Roster

CLICK HERE to download slides and a written script for Session 1.

After watching all the tutorials, you can use BPSDial to edit the school’s entire phone directory or review the videos, download the slide shows or video scripts.