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    PHONES: Voice Mail Basics

    Before You Get Started:

    Note: This setup guide only works for those that have their name on the phone (i.e. the primary and/or only person using the phone).

    Note: This takes about 5 minutes – don’t start unless you have 5 minutes to complete the process! It is critical to finish setup the first time.

    To set up voice-mail from a phone associated with your name:
    • Press the red envelope key. Go slow and listen to the prompts carefully!

    • Press the Voice-mail soft key (white button).

    • You will receive a prompt asking Please enter your security code.

    • If this is your first time accessing Voice-mail, enter 0000 and follow the prompts to set up your voice-mail.

    • Once set up, the system will tell you how to retrieve/delete voice-mail.

    • When finished, hang up the phone