Classroom News - Supplies


    Parents and Guardians, please make sure that your student has crayons and pencils to work with in school each day.  An extra pink block eraser may be added, but these can go very fast.  I encourage students to draw a line through any answers they wish to change to avoid using an eraser.
    I do encourage students to bring in a small container of water to sip during the day.  Soft drinks or dairy products will be saved for their lunchtime.  
    The working supplies, such as pencils, crayons, erasers, and paper that you send in will be used for your child only. Extra supplies may be kept at home for your child's use.

    Birthday celebrations are kept small, if you want to send in a treat, please keep it to a pencil, a wrapped candy or a cupcake.  We have 30 children so far this year.  Cakes, beverages, and balloons should be kept for a fun family celebration at home, there is no time during the day, nor are there classroom facilities or personnel to host a "party" for your student. 
    Thank you for making first grade one of the most significant of your child's school years!
    Ms. Coburn