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    Thank you for visiting my web page. My name is Jane Paveljack and the students may call me "Miss Jane". I will be your child's 15:1 grade 5th teacher this year. I am new to the Bennett Park Montessori Community and  I am looking forward to meeting the staff, my students, and families. Your child's learning this year will focus on two concepts. The first being, the Whole Child. This gives students opportunities to learn at their own pace through active engagement. This allows students to be more independent learners that are self reliant. In addition to the cognitive focus, we will also develop the human spirit through self awareness, relationship building, empathy, and mindfullness. The second concept of focus is the Whole Brain.  This is multisensory learning or in other words learning with all the senses. Instruction will be presented visually, auditory, kenesthetic, and tactile. This creates a balance of the child's strengths and weaknesses while intergrating a learning style. This allows the child to receive a variety of stimulation and will enable students to use their own personal areas of strength to help them learn. Any questions you may have throughout the school year I can be reached by e mail : jpaveljack@buffaloschools.org or phone me in the classroom 816-4603 X 1111. My cell phone number can be given out upon request.