Literacy Activities at Home - Letter Knowledge

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    Letter Knowledge
    The ability to name letters.
    • Name Cheer
    Write letters of child's name on individual cards. Give cards to child.  Child finds and holds up correct letter card as you recite the Name Cheer. 
    (Example: Sam)                          
    You: Give me an S
    Child:(holds up S card) S
    You: Give me an A
    Child: (holds up A card) A
    You: Give me an M
    Child: (holds up M card) M
    You: What does that spell?
    Child: Sam
    •  Name Sort
    Have a baggie filled with letters (some in child's name, some not in their name). Child sorts letters into 2 groups....letters in their name and letters not in their name. As you check the child's sorting, have them say each letter's name.
    • Muffin Tin Toss
    Tape letter cards to the bottom of a muffin tin.  Child throws a small ball into the muffin tin and name the letter the ball lands on!
    • Tactile Letter Exploration
    Child practices writing/making letters using sand, shaving cream, fingerpaint, pudding, playdough, pipecleaners, etc. 
    • I Spy Letter Hunt
    Child picks a letter from a letter bag (can write letters on index card). Child locates that letter in the environment.