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    ECC #17  Room 121                                                     Good Work



    Teachers: Mrs. Jones-Martin /Ms. Oliver


    Please check our website weekly:


    Website Curriculm Resources:


     Big Day 

    Class Username: 121room        Password :121Creators                                                                                 


     Building Block     


    Passwords: Per individual passwords


    ** Here is a list of math activities recommended by our Prek department:You will  be given your child's password in his/her emergency (lessons)packet. These activities will ultimately guide the children in the direction of Kindergarten. We will be able to acknowledge which activities have been completed. All you have to do is assist the children with getting on to the site(along with a little prompting) as the site will direct the children toward varies activities. Happy counting and Have fun!



    Second Step



    Room 121 Families,  

    We hope everyone is safe and enjoying precious time with their families. 


    As we continue to respect the various changes that are going on around us please know that room 121 is thinking about you! We will try to stay actively engaged via this website with our classroom families.  Please continue to check in with our family page (Big Day); there are excellent stories / ideas for you to actively participate in. There are also fantastic on-line activities within our Building Blocks that the children can engage in (passwords will be placed in your packets).    


    Added Websites: check out the awesome activities ie. Pinkcredible Storymaker (create your own story, share, identfy feelings, beginning, middle end of a story, setting, characters, objects, comprehension),  Cookie Monster's Food Truck (create your own snack and so many more activities), Carmen's World Orchestra (enjoy creating a concert/ dancing while identifying various instruments from around the world.)

  review/particpate in various activities that highlights alliteration, rhyming, syllables, tracing, alphabet/ letter matching, BINGO (share your score), number identification, patterns, fuzz bugs and so much more.  


  fun, fun, fun!





    Communication is a key to any class. Under this section, you may find current and archived news and newsletters, upcoming events and important dates.

    Attendance ... is very important in ensuring success in all academics endeavors.
                      Students are encouraged and expected  to be actively engaged in virtual activities and on time daily
                      (exception; illness).

    Behavior Matrix
     ...expectations include being respectful (allowing others to speak/share), responsible (being a good listener/completing activities and ready to speak when it is your turn) and safe.

    Homework    ... is given Monday through Friday via the monthly calendar (an extension of what we are doing in the classroom).

    Parent Virtual Classroom Volunteers (assisting your child) ... are encouraged and needed to support all the wonderful things we are doing on line. 


    Virtual Field Trips    ... are considered extra curriculum activities and are also an extension of the learning that is taking place via the virtual classroom.