E.C.C. # 17 Student Expectations


    We have 3 school-wide expectations for all students.


         1. Be SAFE (examples: follow directions, handle materials carefully, stay quiet during safety drills...)


         2. Be RESPECTFUL (examples: listen to all adults, use appropriate language, be kind to others...)


         3. Be RESPONSIBLE (examples: come to school on time and prepared, wear your uniform everyday, do YOUR best each day, do the right thing...)


    Students in grades K-4 that follow the expecations are rewared with Loyal lion Loot.

    The Loyal Lion Loot is used for dress-up (out of uniform days) and  rewards at the School Store.

    Classroom teachers will have additional expectations unique to their classroom and grade.

Additionally. we teach Character Counts! traits each month and all throughout the years.  We focus on and reward one trait a


    ECC 17 School Pledge:


    I come to school everyday

    and do my best in every way.


    Am I striving for success?

    I am terrific, I will say yes!




    We also teach Character Counts!

    We teach and focus one trait each month,

    and we teach all the traits continually  throughout the year.


    2. Respect

    3. Responsibilty


    5. Caring

    6. Citizenship