QR Codes: What are they and how can we use them?

  •   QR Codes: What are they and how can we use them?
    QR Codes are Quick Response codes. 
    Scan this code and see where it takes you!
    They are similar to barcodes in that they contain information that can be digitally scanned by a device. QR Codes are 2D, so they can contain much more information than typical barcodes, and they can be read by smartphones as well as iPads.

    A QR Code Reader, such as Qrafter, Kaywa, or Easy QR
    is needed in order to scan the QR Codes.
    Students in this Pilot will use Qrafter to scan QR codes for various purposes:
    • to launch websites with information about people, battles, acts, documents, and artifacts of the revolutionary War Era without having to type in the web address
    • to play videos about the American Revolution on the iPad, over and over again
    • to access photographs or drawings that will help them understand the history
    QR Codes allow students to quickly access multimedia information and resources.

    We may even have students produce their own QR codes once they get a little practice. To create QR Codes, a QR Code Generator, such as Qrafter Pro is necessary. There are many different types of codes that can be generated by Qrafter Pro, such as these that we may try:

    • bookmark a website
    • access Google maps
    • locate a place by its geographical coordinates
    • free formatted text