General iPad Instructions

  • General iPad Instructions

    Use and Care of the iPad

    • Always hold the iPad with 2 hands, especially when scanning codes, taking photos, and walking around the classroom.
    • Clean the iPad screen only with the supplied cloth.
    • Use headphones while watching videos and listening to websites being read aloud.

    Surfing the Web

    On the iPad, use your finger to navigate the web.

    • Scroll through a page by flicking up or down on the screen.
    • Double-tap a section on a page to enlarge or shrink it.
    • Pinch to zoom in or out.
    • Touch and hold a link in Safari to see the URL (web address) before you open it.
    To have the text read to you, select the text by pressing and holding one finger on the text, then dragging to highlight the part you want spoken aloud. When a Speak button appears, tap it. (You must have Speak Selection turned ON in Settings-General-Accessibility.)

    Tap, Pinch, and Flick through your Photos

    With the built-in Photos app on iPad, you can see all your photos. Your photo albums appear as neat little stacks you can pinch to preview.

    • Tap a stack, and the album opens.
    • Scroll through the thumbnails.
    • Tap to view full screen.
    Or flip through photos one at a time.
    Multi-touch Gestures on iPad2