Supply List

  • Supply List  

    Native American Magnet School #19


    Ms. Fischer - Sixth Grade



    Please Note:  Supplies will need to be replenished throughout the school year as needed.



    5 Composition notebooks

    8 packages of loose leaf lined paper

    Disinfecting Wipes

    3 large boxes of tissues

    Pencils and erasers

    Pencil sharpener with lid

    5 folders

    Headphones or earbuds

    Glue sticks & bottle of Elmer’s glue

    Pens (blue or black)

    Crayons or colored pencils

    1 Box of Ziploc sandwich bags


    Pack of dry erase markers

    3 Highlighters (one pink, one yellow, one green)


    1 SOFT zippered pencil case (or gallon-sized plastic freezer bag) for pencils, pens, crayons  (No pencil boxes)



     (Please do not purchase binders or trapper keepers – students will not need them and there is not sufficient room in the desk for these.  Thank you.)