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    WNYRIC Data Warehouse


    The WNYRIC Data Warehouse serves as a central repository for historical and current district data reported by the district. The Data Warehouse uses various software tools to develop and publish a wide range of reports. These reports allow authorized users access to district data for analysis purposes. The analytical assessment reports are used to gauge student progress against district goals, regional benchmarks and NYSED metrics.  

    All authorized BPS staff eligible for an account may apply for one by completing the above Level 1 Access Form and returning it to Julie Duk for processing. Instructions are included when the form is downloaded.

    If you've forgotten or need to reset your WNYRIC Data Warehouse password, please click on the "Forgot Password" link on the homepagae or access this webpage: Enter your login and click on the Forgot my Password link. If you have not created your challenge questions, you will need to call the WNYRIC Help Desk (821-7171) and request a temporary password. Complete instructions for setting up your account can be found in the Self-Service Guide, found at the link above.


    For more information about the WNYRIC Data Warehouse, please access their site here: Erie 1 BOCES




    The L2RPT portal is the NYSED Database which contains official accountability data. L2RPT reports are designed to help districts verify a variety of demographic, enrollment, program, assessment and graduation data in support of accountability and other requirements, as well as Reasonableness reports designed to flag significant deltas between expected and actual outcomes or values. Access is restricted to authorized school and district users. Accounts are managed by the Superintendent and the District's Delegated Data Coordinator. 

    If you forget your L2RPT username or password or lock yourself out of the account, please use the Password Reset/Change document found at the link above. Contact the Office of Shared Accountability for assistance if you don't have an account, if your account is associated with an inaccurate email address, or if you have an active account but are not enabled to access the application you need.


    For more information about L2RPT, please access the NYSED site:

In-District Systems managed by the Office of Shared Accountability

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