Uniform Policy



                  Hillery Park Uniform Policy

    Parents needing assistance with school uniforms are to call the Student Family Resource Center @ 816-1134. Please be reminded that Hillery Park is a school of choice within the District. All students and families who opt to come to Hillery Park therefore accept and agree to follow and support the Hillery Park Uniform Policy.

    The following uniform policy is in effect for the school year. Only the following clothing/colors listed are acceptable:

    • Pants – navy blue or khaki that fit – not too baggy, skin tight or sagging below the waist (the sight of underwear is not acceptable at any time), no sweatpants, no leggings, NO BLUE OR BLACK JEANS
    • Shirts – navy blue, white, or grey (black is not acceptable) with collars – knotting shirts is not acceptable
    • Sweaters – navy blue, white, or grey
    • Sweatshirts – Solid white, grey, navy, or Hillery Park – no designs (hoods may not be worn in school)
    • Skirts/Jumpers/Shorts – navy blue or khaki – only 4 fingers about the knee (no jean shorts)
    • Shoes – brown or black (shoes/sneakers) No flip-flops, sandals, crocs or slippers (district policy)

    According to the Buffalo Public Schools Code of Conduct, the following dress code guidelinemust also be adhered to in an educational setting:

    • Must be safe, appropriate, and not disruptive of the educational process.
    • Must not be revealing (no pants sagging below the waist, no revealing shorts, skirts, or tops.)
    • Must not be lewd, vulgar, or obscene (no gang type logos).
    • Electronic devices (IPods, cell phones, and handheld games) are not to be brought, worn, or played in school. They will be confiscated by the school and parents will be called to come in and pick up.
    • No jewelry that can be deemed a weapon.
    • We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

    There will be monthly checks and incentives for uniform compliance. High compliance will earn theme days.

    *Administration will have the final say as to whether clothing is acceptable or unacceptable.


    Students not in uniform will make a phone call home and parents will be expected to bring in appropriate uniform clothes.


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