Homework Tips

  • Parents often ask how they can help their child(ren) with their homework. Here are some tips:

    • Have a weekly meeting with your child (preferably Sunday). Use a family calendar and the child's planner to set a schedule for the week. Include upcoming test/quizzes/projects, and events such as practices and appointments.
    • Set a timer for your child; have him/her estimate how long each assignment will take and set the timer for that amount of time. Timing each assignment helps to keep the child on task.
    • Review your child's planner EVERY night; only sign the planner once you have seen the assignment(s).
    • If homework is taking more than 1 1/2 hours per night, it could be because he/she's not finishing work in school, finds the concepts too difficult, has difficulty concentrating, or is disorganized. Try to figure out what exactly is the problem.
    • The primary role of a fifth grade parent is to: make sure the child understands the directions, has a space and materials to complete tasks, and encourage him/her as he/she works. It is not the responsibility of the parent to correct homework assignments.