Classroom News

  • Everett, Amara, Tyler, Tara, Jarryd, Tara, are the reading champs!!

    They are all reading their decodable books every day at home.  They also have filled in their planners with the many other books that they have read.

    Trey is the most improved reader in the class!  He has worked hard and reads every night at home.  Marcus is right with him.

    Justin and James along with Jaymir andn Alex need to just read more.  Practicing your new reading skills makes all the difference.  These youngsters also need to practice writing/printing daily as well.  I have sent home paper with these youngsters.

    Adarie and Taliyah know that they are to be practicing their sight words and I have sent home yet another copy today, along with a note about vowel practice.  If you guys do what the others are doing...reading every day at will be A-OK!