Lesson 2: Turning Points- how do we define them?

  • Warmup: iPad Skills

    Activity:  Students will take photos of their textbook (interesting images, maps, illustrations).  They will the create a photo album (HR-FirstL) on their iPad and put their photos in it.  This will be a cleanup task whenever photos are saved to their iPads

    Activity: Students will download the Textbook PDF into Goodreader
    • Goto the BPS Write Clicks Page,
    • Click on Student Text
    • Enter the password (from teacher)
    • Tap the Medieval Europe unit link to preview
    • Open In Goodreader
    • Rename it by adding "FirstL" to the beginning
    • Review using Goodreader to preview the text.

    What is a turning point?

    • Class Discussion
    • Activity:  Students Create a Note (FirstL: Turning Point Definition)-- write down your definition.
    • Discussion:  Turning Point Examples
    • Activity: Refine the definition
      • Go to /webpages/writeclicks/curriculum.cfm,
      • Highlight and copy the definition
      • Paste the definition into your Evernote note
      • Discussion- What do you like about this definition?  What are the 3 key features that define a turning point?
    • Activity (Extend):  National History Day Theme sheet
    • Review/Assess