Lesson 3: Content Introduction and Digital Note Taking

    (word cloud by Mr. Blake from http://www.middle-ages.org.uk)

    Lesson 3: Content Introduction- The Middle Ages (Europe)

    Activity: Note taking and discussion of an introductory video

    In this lesson we will take notes (Evernote) on an introductory video.
    We will pause the video at the end of each section to discuss note taking methods and techniques.

    • Create an Evernote Note in your notebook titled "FirstL- Middle Ages Video Notes"
    • Copy/paste the paragraph below into your notes:
    Video: Carolingian Empire, The
    Questions to consider: What are the important facts?  What were the big ideas? Who were the important people? What were the important events? Where were the important places? What dates/time periods are being discussed?
    • Use a bullet list to help organize your notes
    • As we discuss each section of the video, refine and edit your notes.

    Knowledge Check

    • Following the discussion we will take a Socrative quiz.