Lesson 5: Project Framework and Research Skills

  • Introduction of the Project

    The project will be broken into the following Components

    1. Lesson 6:  Research and Essay
      1. Students will be assigned groups.
      2. Each group will be assigned a topic
        1. »Architecture
          »Daily Life
          »Knighthood Warfare
          »Town Life
      3. Students will research assigned resources including webpages, textbooks, and pdf files. (May be done in pairs) [See Collaboration Rubric]
        1. Students will answer content questions related to the assigned resources
        2. Students will answer guiding questions to help them identify and define a possible turning point in their topic area.
        3. Notes/Questions Exemplar
      4. Students will use the answers to the content and guiding question to Write an Essay.
        1. In the essay the students will identify a possible turning point, describe what life/things were like both before and after the turning point, and state their conclusion.
        2. Essays will follow the Essay Rubric.
        3. Essays will include a Citations page
        4. Essays will be submitted electronically
        5. Essay Exemplar
    2. Lesson 7:  iMovie Project
      1. Each group will create an iMovie Project according to the Project Rubric
      2. The group members will select an Essay/Thesis to base their project on
        1. It may be an Essay/Thesis from the group, or a combination of multiple
      3. Each group member will take on a specific role for the project
      4. The Project will be based on an iMovie Movie Trailer template
      5. The group will choose a Movie Trailer Template that best supports the thesis.
      6. The group will fill out a Movie Trailer Storyboard that...
        1. Converts their thesis/essay into a narrative format that fits their chosen template
        2. Identifies the types of photos/video clips/artifacts needed to support/demonstrate each part of the narrative
      7. The group members will perform their roles and create the movie
      8. The trailer will be finalized, and a citations page and group photo will be added
      9. The finished projects will be published.
      10. Movie Project Exemplar
    3. Lesson 8:  Celebration of Success- Student Presentations
      1. Each group will present their presentations
        1. The group spokesperson will introduce their topic and explain their choice of a Movie Trailer Template
        2. The group will present their project
        3. The group will "fill in the gaps" from their essays
        4. The audience will highlight what they saw/liked in the project and ask questions of the group.