Lesson 6: Research and Essay composition

  • Lesson 6:  Research and Essay
    1. Students will research assigned resources including webpages, textbooks, and pdf files. (May be done in pairs) [See Collaboration Rubric]
      1. Students will answer content questions related to the assigned resources
      2. Students will answer guiding questions to help them identify and define a possible turning point in their topic area.
      3. Notes/Questions Exemplar
    2. Students will use the answers to the content and guiding question to Write an Essay.
      1. In the essay the students will identify a possible turning point, describe what life/things were like both before and after the turning point, and state their conclusion.
      2. Essays will follow the Essay Rubric.
      3. Essays will include a Citations page
      4. Essays will be submitted electronically
      5. Essay Exemplar

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