Middle Ages

  • Use the Middle Ages resources to answer the questions below

    (copy the tables below into a new Evernote Note, in your Notebook, entitled FirstL- Middle Ages Research Questions)

    Content Questions:

    When is this period of time?

    What is Feudalism?  Why did it begin?

    Explain the “social” pyramid of this time period

    What was the manor system?

    Describe the four main parts of a manor.

    Guiding Questions

    What was the innovation?

    Who was involved?

    When was the time period?

    Where did this innovation occur?

    What was life like before the innovation (you may have to infer this)?

    *Can you identify a specific cause for this innovation? (bonus question)

    How did life or culture change after the innovation?

    Why could this be considered a turning point (go back to your definition of Turning Point)?