Lesson 1: Introduction to iPads

  • Day 1- Intro, Pre-assessment, and Geography

    In Day one, students will...

    • Learn about the project, what we will be doing
    • Partake in a pre-assessment of technology skills that will be taught during the course of this project
    • Review the skills tested during the pre-assessment
    • Learn some iPad skills and gestures
    • Explore and practice using Google Earth to find and document geographic points of interest.


    1. Introduction to the Project
      1. Example Essay:  Roman Migration and Expansion
      2. Example Project: Roman Migration and Expansion
      3. Care and Handling of iPads
    2. Pre-Assessment:
      1. Students will perform a series of timed tasks.
      2. Percentages of class success will be taken
    3. Skill Review
      1. We will review the skills from the pre-assessment
      2. We will review gestures and techniques for efficiently using the device
      3. Further develop Care and Handling
    4. Student Task
      1. Find the area of study (Europe) in Google Earth
      2. Position the globe and take a screenshot
      3. Find your "favorite place" and take a screenshot
    5. Knowledge Check
      1. Quick Quiz using Socrative Student
    6. Close Down Procedures
      1. Set Google Earth to the current location (tiny arrow)
      2. Close all tabs in Safari
      3. Clean up all photos/screenshots (for today-- DELETE)
      4. Leave Evernote on the main Notebooks screen (So that homeroom "stacks" are showing)
      5. Leave the iPad on the main home screen and close the lid

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