Classroom News

  • Welcome to 6th grade!  This year we will be concentrating on the Common Core Standards in all subjects


    ELA- We will be using the series Harcourt for a 60 minute block.

    RTI- We will be concentrating on Junior Greatbooks.  We will be concetrating on finding evidence to support our opinions and factual information.

    Science- Our studies will include Earth Science, Plants, Structures, cells, and matter.

    Social Studies:  Our units will take us back in time.  We will be studying many places around the world in ancient times.  We will concentrate on the Middle Eastern regions of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe, and China. 

    Math:You will need to know how to multiply, divide, add and subtract accurately to be successful.  You will study fractions, decimals, percents, statistics, perimeter, area, and geometry.

    Every child can and will be successful!