• IDEL
    Indicadores Dinamicos del Exito en la Lectura

    IDEL is a formative assessment designed to measure the basic early literacy skills of children learning to read in Spanish.

    IDEL  measures are NOT a translation of DIBELS, although they are based on the same research-based evidence of how children  learn to read in alphabetic languages.

    IDEL takes into account the linguistic structure of the Spanish language.

    IDEL can be used instead of DIBELS with students learning to read exclusively in Spanish, or alongside DIBELS for students in bilingual, transitional, or two-way immersion programs.

    The measures covered by IDEL are:
    • Fluidez en Nombrar Letras  (FNL)
    • Fluidez en la Segmentación de Fonemas (FSF)
    • Fluidez en las Palabras sin Sentido (FPS)
    • Fluidez en la Lectura Oral (FLO)
    • Fluidez en el Relato Oral (FRO)
    • Fluidez en el Uso de las Palabras (FUP)