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    Research & Evaluation Services


    Dr. Ruzanna Topchyan, Program Evaluator

  • Scope of OSA Research & Evaluation Services Projects


    Research and Evaluation Services Mission

    Research & Evaluation Services (R&ES) promotes scientific learning by providing timely analyzed data which facilitate informed decision making throughout the district. The Research and Evaluation Services helps the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) to grow and maintain a culture of inquiry and data use that informs decisions around teaching and learning, curriculum, resource allocation and professional development.  We analyze learners, learning communities and district achievement, demographic, and process data. Data findings are routinely reported to different stakeholders.  To accomplish its mission, R&ES conducts outcome studies to determine the extent to which programs have been implemented as prescribed and/or have produced the desired outcomes. R&E has the capacity to provide technical assistance on research and evaluation designs, statistical analyses, and research methods to other offices and departments within the BPS system.


    Areas of Service

    The Research and Evaluation Services provides services in the following areas:

    1. Research -- Includes research aligned to the Education Bargain by measuring and identifying promising or emergent practices for closing opportunity gaps and the specific success factors common to highly effective schools and classrooms.  Additionally, R&ES identifies and replicates studies conducted with other school districts that can have practical value for Buffalo Public Schools.
    2. Program Evaluation -- Includes program summaries (descriptive data of student outcomes) and more robust, also mixed-methods program evaluations of select district programs and services.  Additionally, the R&ES can assist in program design so that the evaluation component is also built into it.


    Levels of Key Activities

    The levels of key activities of BPS OSA Research & Evaluation Services are as follows:

    1. System Level: How is BPS performing and trending (by subgroups and overall) based on key performance indicators selected to increase system-alignment? Priority needs?
    2. School Level: Evaluation consultancy- What is the schools’ capacity with evaluation teams? Do they have them and how can they be strengthened to be able to conduct internal evaluations and to instruct colleagues on designing and conducting evaluation in their classrooms. Skill needs?
    3. Teacher Level: In which classes, with which students, and under what conditions are individual teachers (and teams of teachers) most effective? Why?  How does Professional Development support teachers in their teaching? 
    4. Student Level: Where is a student situated in a multi-year learning trajectory, what academic and social-emotional supports do they need now, and are they progressing?
    5. Community Partners: What is the impact of services provided by BPS contracted agencies on student academic and non-academic outcomes. In which areas are the services being provided, and where is the need for those services in the District?
    6. Innovation: How effective are existing new BPS (individual school or system-wide) practices? Can BPS innovation be replicated and continue to demonstrate effectiveness?
    7. Research Information Dissemination. What are the research highlights in the current period? Which studies may have practical value for BPS to be replicated?  Which published research and internal research and evaluation information should be disseminated through Research Briefs and technical reports to support BPS initiatives.




Volume 29: June 2021 "Teachers of Color Retention"