Research Services



    Office of Shared Accountability

    Research Services


    Dr. Genelle Morris, Chief Accountability Officer


    Erica J. Boyce and Dr. Ruzanna Topchyan, Program Evaluators

    Welcome to the Buffalo Public Schools' Research Services Department. This arm of the Office of Shared Accountability will publish research articles offering current research to supplement insights in policy for a complex, multi-dimensional view of current practices in education. Research briefs will discuss topics related to the New Education Bargain, such as:
    • reduced class size, 
    • community schools, 
    • best instructional practices for students with extraordinary needs, and 
    • the effect of extended time on student achievement. 
    In addition, the Research Services Department will also be researching and reporting on issues in the community at large that indirectly affect students and their education, such as lead exposure.