Flower Pressing

  • Flower Pressing

    For this assignment you will incorporate dried flowers and leaves.

    There are several ways to press flowers. One is with a microwave (and parent helper) and the other is to press with a heavy book.



    You will need flowers or leaves, heavy cardboard, paper towels, rubber bands, and a microwave.


    1. Dry off flowers and leaves.

    2. Cut cardboard into two pieces about 4”x4”.

    3. Lay flowers and leaves onto one paper towel folded into a square the same size as the cardboard. Put the other paper towel on top.

    4. Sandwich the paper towels with the cardboard pieces and rubber band together tightly.

    5. Microwave on 50% for 30 seconds, let cool and repeat.

    6. Check that the flowers are crisp and dry. If not; repeat step 5.

    7. Use the dried flowers to create your artwork.


    Without Microwave


    1. Fold flowers into a paper towel.

    2. Place into a heavy book and close it.

    3. Place more books on top.

    4. Wait 1 week and check that the flowers are dry.


    See the link below for a video tutorial