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    It's school spirit week!


    Lehibran demonstrated school spirit by starting

    off with wear green day. He wore a cool attire

     that included a green T-Shirt that read  do not pinch,

    a fun head deco and some awesome cool green

    sneakers that glowed and lighted up. How spirited is this? You go Lehibran!

     During this month we will be going on a field trip to the Science museum and the Albright Knox Gallery.

     Durante este mes disfrutaremos de una gira para el Museo de Ciencias y la Galeria de arte Albright Knox. La gira sera el dia 20 de marzo de 9:00 -2:00.


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    We celebrated Valentines day!

    Nellyann gave Valentine's gift to her teachers. Thanks Nellyann!


    Elisha Algarin received perfect attendance recognition. Congratulations! Elisha

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    • Student of the month Lehibran Santiago Congratulations!

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    • Student of the month Yahir Figueroa  Congratulatons!


    • Our class won the Christmas door contest! The theme was the 12 days of Christmas. We won within the category of the most colorful. Hooray! We won and enjoyed a delicious ice cream sundae.

      Yummy, Yummy!

       Members of Calvary church surprised second graders from room 209 with wonderful gifts. Thank you for your kind generosity.


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    Students of the month: Elisha Algarin


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    Student of the month: Nellyann Cruz




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     Student of the month: Reiabdiel Santana



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