Classroom News

  • Welcome to Mrs. Rotolo's Pre Kindergarten Classroom News page!

    Remember to do the daily homework sent home on the monthly calendar.
    Please read to your child every day!

    Pre K Expectations

    Students will come to school well rested and ready to learn.
    Students will follow the classroom rules and the directions given.
    Students arrive at our school on time and everyday unless they have a legal excuse.
    Students should have their take home folder and fully charged IPad in school everyday.
    Students will have sneakers available to wear everyday.
    Parents will notify the teacher when their child is absent.

    Parents will sign up and use DOJO as one method of communication with the teacher.
    Parents will check DOJO daily.
    Parents will notify the teacher of any contact information changes.

    Pre-Kindergarten Big Day for Pre K Themes
    Ready For School!
    My Family
    Our Community
    Awesome Animals!
    Imagine It, Make It
    Growing Up Healthy
    Nature All Around Us
    Moving On
    Building Blocks Math Big Ideas
    Number Operations
    Patterns and Algebra
    Data Analysis and Classification
    Pre K Grading
    Progress will be reported twice formally throughout the school year.
    The teacher will advise parents about their students progress informally throughout the year.
    A parent may request a conference or an update at any time by contacting the teacher.