Behavior expectations

  • Bear Book


    Your child's BEAR book will serve as our communication book. We will be working on not only their IEP goals but goals we feel are important to their development into a responsible and respectful child. Please review it with your child every night. Praise him/her for their accomplishments; come up with solutions on making a challenging day better. After you have both reviewed it, sign and return it. If you have any questions or concerns on the back there is space for you. Part of raising a responsible child is teaching them to make sure they have all their materials in school everyday- their BEAR book included. I've found success in having your child pack their bag at night instead of the morning. This easy process can lead to a calmer morning which will lead to a better day. If you would like me to send home a check list of what should be in their bag for the next school day, please ask.