Classroom News

  • Classroom News!

     For the first couple of weeks, we will be working on review of Kindergarten skills, routines, procedures, and expectations.

    Please make sure you have permission slips and emergency information sheets in.

     If you have any questions, call me or write in the BEAR book.

    Your child's Bear book will begin the second week of school. While your child is learning our rules and expectations, you may see many "smiley faces". Yet once your child knows the rules and expectations, you might see a drop in behavior, "unhappy faces". This is normal for any successful management system. Hang in there, things will get better!


    Volunteering is great and it is important for students see there is a relationship between parents and school. However, our students don't always make the best decisions or follow teacher instructions when parents are present. A great way to be involved is during school wide events.

    Classroom Visits:

    We have an open door policy. If you plan on visiting the classroom, please let us know ahead of time in case we might not be in the room. 

    Check the monthly calender for upcoming field trips, homework, and events.

    Check the slide show page for pictures of our field trips