• What is Sabah?

    SABAH’s mission is to challenge individuals with special needs and volunteer partners to experience the success, pride, freedom and joy of therapeutic ice-skating while achieving personal growth.

    Each week, our athletes will step on the ice with courage and determination and in return will grow and learn to believe in themselves. SABAH skaters strive to be the best they can be in all aspects of life. SABAH is so much more than skating. SABAH is about turning possibilities into realities!

    Please check our monthly calendar for upcoming events regarding Sabah.

    We will expect all students to participate in Sabah. In keeping with responsibility, all students should have the necessary equipment to be successful at Sabah.

    1. Warm clothes (layers are always the best)

    2. Tall socks

    3. Gloves or mittens (you can keep a pair in school so you know they'll always be there!)

    For more information and an opportunity to support Sabah, please go to