Harriet Ross Tubman
  • Our school is named

    in honor of

    Harriet Ross Tubman. 

    We take pride knowing

    her spirit lives in all of us. 

    "Never Give Up"


  • Did you know Harriet Ross Tubman was:  

    Born in Dorchester County, Maryland, about 1820 

    Grew up as a slave and did not have much schooling

    Ran away after finding out that her master was going to sell her

    Created the Underground Railroad and helped blacks get to safety in the North

    For her work, she was known as the "Greatest Conductor"

    People were angry at what she was doing to help the slaves and wanted to capture her

    She continued to help free slaves even though she was in danger

    Constructed the Underground Railroad

    Wanted equal rights for all, both slaves and women

    Died in Auburn, New York on March 10, 1913