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    We have been very busy in Pre - k.

     We have worked on the letter Aa,Bb,Cc,Dd.  I have sent home flash cards for you to practice with your child. Show your child the card have them say the letter and give you the sound. Next time have your child state if the letter is uppercase our lowercase. Then have your child sky trace the letter and trace the card.  

    There is always something special for you to review with your child. For instance try pattern movement (snap finger,run in place,snap fingers, run in place etc), count items up to 05 or give your child a letter and they give you a word that starts with that letter. Say a word and have your child clap the part of the word. Make their learning experience fun and exciting. When you do this they will in turn be more motivated to work and learn with you.   

    Read to your child daily. Be dramatic in your tone. This will make the characters come to life and it will build up a love for books for your child. 

    Im using Class Dojo to connect with families, share classroom moments, and much more. Please join to stay connected.

    Thank you for checking book bags daily and sending in extra clothes.



    10/31 Harvest Fest