Frequently Used Web Sites

  • For research...

    Nettrekker Buffalo District approved search engine with sites reveiwed and rated by educators. Ask your child for our school's user name and password or contact our school's technology integration specialist.

    Marcopolo - an extensive educational resource with links to partners in Reading & ELA, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Geography, Economics, and the Arts.



    Yahooligans - the web guide for kids

    World Book - World Book Encyclopedia Online (ask our TIS Sarah for login information)

    Wikipedia - Free Wikipedia Encyclopedia


    PBS - online resources and activities for children, teachers, and parents...also featuring popular characters like Arthur, Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Caillou and more at and

    - interactive games in math, reading, and more for grades K-8

    BBC schools- a British website with interactive activities for preschool (ages 18 mos - 5 yrs), primary (ages 4-11), and secondary (ages 11-16) aged children. Includes curricular areas like numeracy, literacy, geography, science, history, art, music and more

    Enchanted Learning- child-friendly information on various topics; great resources for teachers at a minimal cost

    For math and logic...
    Funbrain - the math arcade is a fun way to practice math skills and problem solving (grades K-8) - from basic math to calculus

    AAA Math - learn, practice, play, and explore (grades K-8)

    Math Cats - math art, math crafts, tessellations, polygons and lots more

    Cool Math - brain benders, geometry, long division lessons, fractions, decimals, times tables, arithmATTACK, number monsters, and more

    Subtangent- math hangman, math wordsearch, mathionaire, hexagons, broken calculator and more

    Superkids - logic games including towers of hanoi, battleship, squares, checkers, and more

    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. Visit the "Virtual Library" for exciting online activities with Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis & Probability. Appropriate for grades Pre-K through 12.

    For Reading & English Language Arts:

    Harcourt - the interactive Learning Site has online activities and resources for students, teachers and parents (grades K-6)

    Dictionary - definitions, antonyms, synonyms, and encyclopedia entries

    Scholastic - interactive activities and resources for students, teachers, and parents

    USA Today - online news from USA Today

    Weekly Reader - online activites from Weekly Reader

    Time for Kids - child-friendly version of Time Magazine; includes a homework helper section

    For Professional Development:

    Atomic Learning - online tutorials that teach and model various skills needed to use common software packages. Please see our TIS Sarah for login information.