Help is Always Available

  • You're not Alone

    Help is Always Available!

    To Parents and Students both In School and Out of School

    Here are some helpful phone numbers

    In-School             School Counselor/Lori          816-4911

                              Psychologist/Social Worker  816-3696 

    Alcohol & Drugs    Beacon Center                    831-1397

                              BryLin                               633-1927

                              Erie Cty.Council Prevention 

                              of Alcohol&Subst. Abuse      839-1157

                              Horizon Human Services       833-3713  

                              Renaissance House             821-0391

    Comm.Resources  Child & Adols. Treatment      835-7807

                              Child & Family Services        674-2206

    Family Violence     Crisis Services                    834-3131

                              Haven House Shelter           884-6002

                              Family Justice Center          555-7233

    Runaways            Compass House                  886-0935

    Suicide Prevention Crisis Services                   834-3131

                              Erie Cty Med. Ctr (ECMC)     898-3465