Classroom News

  • As always, this school year, I am working especially close with our 11-13 year old groups.  We are discovering and researching various careers and opportunities in preparation for and anticipating the exciting years ahead. 

    Seventh graders will continue their career explorations and will embark upon identifying their special skills and talents. 

    All the students in 7th grade will attend a Career and Technical fair.  Many of the Buffalo Public high schools will be there to introduce the various technical programs offered to students as 9th grade freshman.  CDs will be handed out to all of the students to help familiarize themselves with all the career and technical programs.

    Before the school year is over, these students will also learn more about the 16 Buffalo public high schools, their programs and what it takes to get accepted into one of their three choice schools.

    The top 10 suggestions for "How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Acceped Into the High School of Your Choice".

    10. Come to school everyday and on time.

    9. Spend at least one hour per night, five times per week on studying and doing homework.

    8. Do all you homework and hand it in on time.

    7. Study for all your tests

    6. Do all your projects and hand them in on time.

    5. Do all your classroom work to the best of your ability.

    4. Talk to the teachers of the subject areas you are having difficulty with.  Ask them what YOU can do to improve your grades then follow their instructions.

    3. Listen to your teachers-Follow their rules.

    2. If you miss school make sure you make up all the work you missed.

    And the number 1 suggestion to improve your chances of getting into the high school and program of your choice?...

    1. If you need help...Ask for it!!!