Rti/AIS Description and Eligibility Criteria

  • Academic Intervention Services (Rti/AIS)
    in Mathematics are services designed to help students to achieve the learning standards in Mathematics, grades K-12
    Q. What are Academic Intervention Services in mathematics?
    A:  Academic Intervention Services (AIS) in mathematics are services designed to help students to achieve the learning standards in mathematics in grades K-12  These services include one or both of the following two components:
    • additional instruction that supplements the general curriculum (regular classroom instruction);

    • student support services needed to address barriers to improved academic performance.

    The intensity of services may vary but are designed to respond to student needs as indicated through State assessments results and/or the District-adopted procedure.

    Q. Who is eligible for Response to Intervention (RtI)/Academic Intervention Services (AIS)
    A:  A student is deemed eligible for Academic Intervention Services in mathematics if results from the following measures of student performance indicate that s/he has not met nor is likely to meet New York State learning standards (See below)

    Programmatic Assessments

    Teacher Judgment (based on multiple measures)
    NYSED Assessments Scores 1

    1Students scoring a Level I or II on the State assessment or less than 65 on the Regents examination. Students who score a Level 3 or Level 4 are not required to receive AIS, though these may be provided if multiple measures indicate that the student would benefit from RiT/AIS.