Classroom News

  • What are we up to in September?

  • Spanish

    This month, our focus is on using a variety of strategies to help us improve our reading and writing!

    Esquema informal

    • We use the esquema informal (informal outline) to help us plan and organize our writing.

    Apuntes de dos columnas

    • We use apuntes de dos columnas (two column notes) to help us process, understand, and remember what we read.

    Oración de IVF

    • We use the oración de IVF (IVF sentence) to summarize what we have read.

      Writing Sentences Ivf Worksheets & Teaching Resources | TpT

  • Math

    This month, our focus has been on ratios. We have been working on:

    • Writing ratios in their 3 forms
    • Explaining the parts of a ratio
    • Identifying equivalent ratios
    • Solving real-world problems with ratios

    Financial Ratios

  • Science

    This month we began our unit on MATTER. We will be discussing:

    • physical and chemical changes of matter
    • units of matter - atom, molecule, element, compound
    • homogeneous versus heterogeneous mixtures
    • measure matter by calculating mass, weight, volume, density
    • states of matter and their changes

    What Is Matter? Definition and Examples