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    Important News from Room 234

    Dear Parents & Students,

    Welcome back to another year at School #33!  This year promises to be like no other.  The principals and teachers have been working hard all summer to put put in place several new programs and initiatives that are going to help us become the best school we can possibly be!  
    It's extremely important that students are prepared for what's going to take place this year in Social Studies.  By carefully reviewing the 7th Grade Social Studies Information Packet or the 8th Grade Social Studies Information Packet, students and parents will know exactly what to expect this year as well as what is expected of you.  The best way to get off to a great start this year is coming to class with the necessary materials, especially a 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch three ring binder and a set of five divider tabs for it.  Students are expect to remain organized and prepared throughout the year, and a well-organized binder is the best way to accomplish that.  To the right are photograpsh of these materials and the binder setup reminder that students see everyday in my classroom.  
    As far as what's new in Room 234, you may notice that room itself is not as decorated as it once was.  Our new Project-based Learning approach will be slowly rolled out this year in Social Studies with the hope of creating more student-centered instruction that stresses the fostering of enduring understandings, focuses on essential questions, and produces authentic demonstrations of learning.  


    • Return your Course Syllabus Folder signed by your parents by Mon., Sept. 9th.
    • Purchase a 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch three-ring binder and a pack of 5 divider tabs by Mon., Sept. 9th.
    • PBIS kickoff assembly is Fri., Sept. 13th.  Be sure to earn as many PAWS tickets as possible in order to win a chance to participate in the games.