School Uniforms


    ALL students must be in dress code.  NO exceptions will be made. 
    •    Footwear:  Students may wear any shoes or sneakers to school (preferably black)- no sandals 
    •    Socks: Students may wear any color or type of sock.  Socks are not mandatory during the hot weather months.
    •    Pants/Skirts/Shorts/Skorts/Jumpers:  Khaki (No Jeans), must be worn around the waist and fit properly (May not hang below their waist)
        Shorts, Skirts, or Skorts must not be higher than 3 inches above the knee.
    •    Belts: It is preferred that students wear belts (especially the boys)
    •    Shirts/Sweaters/Sweat Shirts/Turtle Necks:  Forest Green (Plain tops with a collar- no words, cartoons or pictures)
        Long or short sleeves (no tank tops or muscle shirts)
        As always, hoodies and hats may be worn to and from school, but not during the school day

    It will be adhered to everyday.