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    Course Syllabus

    Course Name:  Mathematics

    Course Description:  The 2nd grade Mathematics curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards.  These standards are designed to make students college and career ready.  This means that students will have gained the knowledge and skills needed to enroll in a 2 or 4 year college or a trade school/technical school without remediation.  The Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics, in conjunction with the learning standards in other core subjects produces critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, financial and health literacy, and global awareness.  The 2nd grade Math curriculum is one of rigor.  Students must leave school with a deep knowledge of academic content and with the 21st century skills they need to apply their knowledge, work with others, and manage their lives.  The goal of a rigorous curriculum is not to just obtain mastery of each standard but to globally prepare students to thrive in a complex, competitive, connected, and constantly changing world.

    Required Material:    2”, 3", OR 4" binder, dividers, pencils

    Course Text:  There are six (8) modules (books) that we will be working in.  Modules are printed out for students.  Students must maintain all modules in their binder along with vocabulary, homework/classwork, math tools/supplements, and prerequisite/foundation skills.


    Grading Policy

    v  Grades are earned, not given.

    Grades are calculated according to the NYS Common Core Learning Standards Score Key, which is as follow:


    1 - Unsatisfactory - Deficient/Below level

    2 - Unsatisfactory - Basic understanding

    3 - Satisfactory - Proficient/on level

    4 - Satisfactory - Mastery/above level




    Classwork consist of:

    teacher led work, independent work, peer (partner) work, projects



    Students MAY be responsible for one to two projects each quarter.



    If a student is absent, a homework log is completed for them, whereas all classwork and homework assignments are collected and recorded.  These materials and logged are placed on the desk of the absent student so that it is visible when the student returns to school.



    Students are expected to meet all classroom & school behavioral expectations.  Violations of school/classroom rules can result in the highest consequence permitted by the Buffalo Public School Board.


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