Welcome letter

  • Greetings 2nd grade parents,

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your child’s teacher for the 2016-2017 school year.  I am coming out of many years of teaching middle school and junior high grades with a wealth of knowledge to provide a strong foundation for your child.  I am a professional educator that strategically challenges the brain to excel to its full potential.  I welcome your child into my classroom where intentional and explicit instructions are delivered daily. Higher level thinking is encouraged and nurtured in preparation for their professional life.  I also welcome your child with the expectation of a strong foundation and an even stronger support system at home.  I, as a parent myself acknowledge the critical influence of the home.  I understand that the home is the child’s first learning environment and that is why we anticipate collaborating with you for the success of your child.

    To maximize all learning & prevent classroom disruptions, any and all telephone & one-on-one conferences between parent and teacher MUST be scheduled (per BPS code of conduct pg. 1 & teacher contract).  Other means of communication are as follow: correspondences (allow at least 48 hours for responses), teacher webpages, REMIND ME @ remind.com (text based communication through remind.com).  Simply text @e3egf to 81010 to enroll.  Enrollment is now open.


    Educationally yours,

    Mrs. Morales, M.S. Ed. Leadership


    Marva J Daniel Futures Preparatory School PS37

    2nd Grade Supply List

    -          Earphones

    -          Binders (4 total, 1” each)

    -          Dividers (20 total)

    -          Folders with pockets (4 total)

    -          Pencils (4 packages)

    -          Highlighters – 6 total (pink, yellow, green)

    -          Journal (1 subject notebook)

    -          Paper (wide ruled, 2 packages)

    -          Dry erase markers (2 packages)

    -          Disinfecting wipes (3 tubes)

    -          Kleenex (4 boxes)

    -          Hand sanitizer with pump (2 bottles)

    -          Ziplock bags (1 box quart & 1 box gallon)



    *all rules, expectations, & consequences are aligned with BPS code of conduct pgs. 6 - 23

    1.      Students will treat (verbally and in body language) all staff with respect, listen to (without argument and/or back-talk) when they are spoken to and follow all directions (actually doing what they are told to do) given.

    2.     Students will treat each other, all school & peer property with respect by keeping hands to themselves (asking first before taking, and putting back if they used it).

    3.     Students will NOT bully at any time (verbally (calling names, etc.) nor physically (hitting, kicking, punching, etc.)). 

    *please refer to the BPS Code of Conduct, pgs. 24 – 25, Dignity for All Students Act

    4.     Students must be with an adult at all times.

    5.     Students will NOT be disruptive to the learning environment (including, but not limited to: yelling/screaming out, tantrums, running out of classroom, aggression of any kind, etc.)



    1.     Verbal warning with a note on file

    2.     Written warning with a note on file and phone call to parent

    3.     Documented scheduled conference with parent, teacher, and student

    District behavior Write-Up WITH In school suspension