visitor safety policy

  • To:         The Parents, Guardians, and Friends of School #37

    From:     Dr. Tonja M. Williams, Principal

    Subject:  Policy for Visitors to School #37

    Date:      September 11, 2013

    Please be informed, that our school has identified two priorities this school year…



    As such, when you report to the school, it will be necessary for you to identify yourself at the front door.  You will be buzzed into the building and are to immediately report to the Main Office to be signed in.  This policy allows the school to help ensure the safety of all in our school.

    If it is necessary for you to speak (via telephone) with your child’s teacher, you should call the school and leave message with our clerical staff who will be happy to relay your request to your child’s teacher.  We will not send your phone call to the teacher’s classroom as this would be a major disruption to the instructional time in that classroom, but you should rest assured that the teacher will return your call within a 24 hour period.

    We know and believe in your child(ren)’s potential for unlimited academic success.  We also value you as a critical partner in our school. We know that to make this school a resounding success, it will take all of us working together! Thank you in advance for respecting our policy which will ensure the safety of all and make academic instruction the premium focus of why we are all here!