Attendance matters

  • Your child gets just ONE chance at school, just ONE chance for a successful career, and just one chance for a better future.  It is all possible just ONE day at a time.  Make attendance a top priority!  Isn’t your child worth it all?


    Greetings Parents,

    This letter comes as a reminder that attendance every day counts. New York State law requires children to be present in school every day.   We understand that life happens but coming to school every day, ready to learn is the only way your child is guaranteed a prosperous future.  When your child is absent though, they are missing out on so much.  Chronic absences are one of the number one reasons why children are unsuccessful academically. 

    We want to teach your child but if they’re not in school it complicates and suffocates your child’s educational process which directly affects the future only school can prepare them for.  School is the training ground for a professional career.  We are dedicated to our job, which is teaching your child the skills and strategies necessary for the professional career of their choice.  Career competition is high and we want the best for your child.

    In the real world, school is your child’s job in life.  When your child comes to school, it is expected that they have the discipline and understanding that they must meet the expectations of performing their job.  That is coming prepared everyday with supplies, participating in class by asking/answering questions, completing all work required (bellwork, classwork, homework) by its due dates, following all the rules of the school, respecting and obeying those in authority, and contributing to a positive atmosphere for the safety and prosperity of everyone in the building.  These are all real world expectations for professionals.  Each child is a potential professional.  We believe that every child is deserving of a professional life.

    Please see to it that your child is present at school every day.  Please know that a legitimate excuse is also required for every absence

    We have three school-wide expectations or our three A’s; Academics, Attendance, & Attitude.

    We thank you in advance for your cooperation.  We all have one thing in common and that is the best for your child.  Let’s work together so that they may have just that…the best!