Classroom News

  • This year we started off with a new reading program called CKLA. The new program truly alligned itself with our new common core standards. The program allowed us to correlate social studies and science along with it. Many units throughout the year had either social studies or sciences themes. It is an excellent way to engage students across the curriculum. Such themes were: The War of 1812. Westward Expansion[which we did an awesome project for], Greek Mythology, The Human Body, and many more. We delved into the new Math modules which prepare the students for the new common core standards. Such mathematical concepts were:adding with renaming. subtracting with renaming,solving word problems in more than one way, and much more. Second grade has become much more rigorous than in past years. It was exciting to see the children gear up for the challenge.As we start off the final portion of our year, we will not slack off but rather work even harder to prepare for the rigors of third grade.