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    Below you will find a list of the skills we will be working on in Pre K.  Please reinforce these skills at home!

    1. Your child should know and be able to say the following: their full name (first and last), address, phone number and birthdate.
    2. Tie shoes and dress themselves.(zip, button, snap, tie)
    3. Know the colors and basic shapes.(Triangle, square, rectangle, circle)
    4. Rote count (1-20) or higher
    5. Recognize and write numbers (1-20) or higher
    6. Recognize all letters, capital and lowercase.
    7. Print their first and last names with capital and lowercase letters.
    8. Listening skills – child should be able to sit and listen for up to 15 minutes.
    9. Your child should be able to follow one and two step direction.
    10. Comprehension skills – your child should be able to tell the title of a story, characters, setting, problem, solution, beginning, middle, and ending. Your child should be able to retell a story.


    • Children need sneakers every day!!
    • Please check your child's backpack daily!


    Revisit this page daily for updated information!