Introduction Letter

  • June 2015

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    I am excited to work with the Fourth Grade Classes next year as the Special Education Consultant Teacher. By working together, we will all have a very productive and successful school year.   

    Summer is a great time for your child to practice what he/she has learned throughout the school year.  There is no better activity for your child than to engage in reading for enjoyment.  Not only will your child discover the joy of being lost in a book, he/she will practice the many skills and strategies he/she has learned all year.


    Each child is required to read two books over summer vacation and to complete a Book Report on one of the books they read.  The Book Report must include an introduction, summary of the plot including the problem and solution in the story and a conclusion.  Attached to this letter you will find a copy of the directions for the Summer Reading Project, Book Report Grading Rubric, and Summer Reading Log.  Book Reports and Book Logs are due on the first day of school in September.


    Summer reading is meant to be enjoyable and we do not want students to have to struggle; we want reading to be fun and relaxing.  The important thing is that students read, read, read!

    I have also attached a school supply list for next year. Please note specific colors for folders and spiral notebooks.  Supplies are color coded by subject areas to help the students stay organized.  In order for your child to be successful during the school year it is imperative that they start the year with all of the required school supplies. Please buy extra pencils, notebook paper, folders and spiral notebooks to keep at home and send into school during the school year as your child runs out.  Please write your child’s name on all supplies, including pencils, before sending them into school so that if items get lost and misplaced they can be returned. All school supplies must be in school by Tuesday September 8, 2015.  Students without all of their supplies will be considered unprepared for class after that date.

    During the school year you are invited to come visit our classroom and/or conference with me regarding your child’s progress. Please call the school office at 816-3800 to schedule an appointment or email me at

    I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing summer vacation.  I look forward to working with you and your child this fall!

    Respectfully yours,

    Miss Burdette