Immigrant & Refugee Resources for Families, Students and Educators

     Immigrant & Refugee Resources for Families, Students and Educators
    Buffalo Public School's diversity is a source of strength and a point of pride.  Our students come from all parts of the world. With over 77 countries represented and 83 different languages spoken, Buffalo Public Schools is the most linguistically diverse district in New York State.   

    Our District provides the benefit of free public education to all persons who meet NYS's age and residency requirements, regardless of immigration or citizenship status.

    As a public school district, it is our responsibility to ensure that our schools are safe spaces where all children are supported academically, socially, and emotionally. 

    In an effort to reaffirm support for refugee and immigrant families and embrace students of all cultural backgrounds, the Buffalo Public Schools Division of Multilingual Education and the City of Buffalo’s Office of New Americans has developed this website in hopes to provide a wealth of resources and educational tools to support immigrant students and their families. 

    Included as links or points of information on the website are:
      Legal Help                      Important Telephone Numbers         Know Your Rights
       Refugee Resettlement                            NYS Education                     NYS Center for School Safety